Exotic Car Rentals Las Vegas, Nevada

Porsche 911 Turbo ConvertibleSo you’ve decided to take a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Good for you! Las Vegas is great, and whatever luxury Hotel & Casino resort you’re staying at, you’ll have a great time checking out the attractions and the gaming! Yes, you’ll probably spend a pretty penny on a Hotel Room (or Suite, if you’re one of the lucky ones!) and a plane ticket; but that’s what vacations are all about – having fun, and not looking at every single price tag!

While you’re at it, think about the difference between cruising from your Las Vegas Strip hotel to Hoover Dam in a Ford Fusion or in a Ferrari F430… That’s right, renting a simple Ford or a Hyundai just won’t cut it when you really want to feel the Las Vegas lifestyle! Driving around in a real exotic rental car will be the difference between feeling like a real Las Vegas High Roller or just another tourist visiting the city. Yes, you’ll spend a couple thousand extra for a week, plus a couple hundred at least, even if you have cheap car insurance, but it’s the kind of money you’ll enjoy every single second you’re in that Lamborghini, Porsche or Corvette; and more! Imagine showing your friend that photo of you standing in front of that Desert diner, leaning onto that Lamborghini Gallardo Spider. They’ll be jealous for the rest of their lives!

Impress beautiful women, impress your friends – and enjoy yourself with your exotic rental car in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Who we are, what we do?!

We’re not a rental agency. We’re not here to rent you a car. We’re an independent source for exotic car rentals in Las Vegas, here to inform you in stead of sell to you! Enjoy our resource completely free, and understand that we’re happy to have you as a visitor, and hope we can help you find and rent the finest sports car your money can get!

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